Dogs love us in a way that is difficult to imagine because they love us completely and without condition. It’s the purest love one can ever experience. I believe Dogs are the most incredible creatures on the planet. And that includes humans. We learn a lot about Dogs when we allow them into our lives as family.

These are a few stories of a dogs love……

 CAPITAN (Capitán in Spanish)

According to a September 13, 2012, article by the New York Daily News, Michael Guzmán died in 2006 and was burried in Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina. Shortly after the death of its owner, the family dog disappeared. Capitán, a German Shepherd mix, was given to the family by a friend about year earlier.

A few days after the dog went missing, the family went to visit Guzmán’s grave, and to their surprise, Capitán was spotted by young Damián Guzmán next to his father’s grave.

The family had no idea how the dog found the grave. Guzmán’s wife, Verónica Moreno told reporters, “Damián started to shout that it was Capitán and the dog came toward us barking, as if he were crying.” The article said that after a few days the dog eventually returned home with the family but for the past six years he has come to the cemetery every evening to sleep on his master’s grave.

Sadly, we recently heard that sweet Capitan has crossed the rainbow bridge.


~ END ~


The Dog name Fido was used famously during the Roman times. It means ‘I am faithful” in Latin, and that is what Fido was. Faithful to the end!

Carlo Soriani was a laborer. He lived in Borgo San Lorenzo, a small city near Florence. During the winter of 1941, Carlo was coming home from work when he heard something. It was a little street dog lying hurt by the road. Carlo took the tiny puppy back home with him and took care of it. The street puppy, with the help of Carlo fully recovered.

Carlo and the dog, who he named Fido, became best friends and they went everywhere together.  Fido even followed Carlo to the bus stop every morning. He would wait all day long until Carlo got back from work with the evening bus. They did this every day for 2 years an everyone knew about their unique friendship.

On December 30th, 1943, Carlo’s factory was bombed by the Allies and unfortunately Carlo was killed. Fido was on the bus stop that day, waiting for his best friend to come back home but he never did.

Fido, the Italian street dog garnered wide public attention for his demonstration of unwavering devotion and loyalty for his deceased master. Fido, as usual, went to the bus-stop awaiting his master’s arrival from work. On not spotting the master get off the bus, Fido went back home disheartened.

But, his hopes did not die out because from that day on, he visited the bus-stop every day for 14 years hoping to see the man he had been missing terribly. In the 14th year, on June 9, 1958, Fido died at the bus-stop while still waiting for his master.

~ END ~


Bobbie is the remarkable dog from America who traveled 2,551 miles from Indiana to return to his owner in the city of Silverton.

His story began in 1923 when he was somehow separated from his owners on a family road trip and got lost. They looked for him everywhere, and after an unsuccessful search, they started to accept the fact that they would never see their beloved dog again.

However, six months later, Bobbie appeared, scratching at their front door. Although exhausted from his long trek, he had succeeded in returning home safely. Bobbie had passed mountains and traversed deserts over that winter as he traveled across the United States, with the wish to see his family being stronger than the pain and suffering he must have endured.

On his journey back, scaling a distance of  2,551 miles, crossing through all the physical hurdles of mountains, deserts, and plains falling in between. On an average, Bobbie must have travelled about 15 miles each day.

~ END ~


Eizaburo Ueno, professor in agriculture science at Tokyo University in Japan, had long wanted a purebred Japanese Akita dog. He had looked for the perfect Akita puppy for a long time, until one of this students encouraged him to adopt Hachiko, from the Odate city in the Akita prefecture of Japan.

Hachiko, or Hachi which became his nickname, and his new owner soon became best friends. Eizaburo loved his dear dog above all and treated him as his son. The two of them were inseparable.

As Hachiko grew older, he started to see his owner off to work in the morning at the Shibuya Train Station, in central Tokyo and went to pick him up at the station in the afternoon when he returned from work.On May 21, 1925, only two years after Hachiko was born, Hachiko was as usually sitting by the exit at Shibuya train station waiting for his dear Eizaburo. But his owner never arrived.

It turned out that Eizaburo had suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage and died suddenly and unexpectedly while at work.

Hachiko moved in with a former gardener of the Ueno family. But throughout the rest of his ten-year-long life, he kept going to the Shibuya Train Station every morning and afternoon precisely when the train was due to enter the station. He sat there for hours, patiently waiting in vain for the return of his beloved owner which sadly never came back.

Hachiko’s story spread far and wide and people started calling him “Chuken-Hachiko“, which means “Hachiko – the faithful dog“!

Hachiko became a national hero to the Japanese! A dog so famous there have been several movies made about him.He has his own bronze statue next to Shibuya Train Station in Tokyo, where every day hundreds of people have their photograph taken with him.

~ END ~


Swansea Jack was a black Labrador Retriever who lived with his owner William Thomas near the River Tawe in Swansea, Wales, during the 1930s.

One day, Jack saw a small boy drowning in the river and ran in, pulling the boy to shore by the scruff of his neck. There was no one around to see it, and had circumstances been different, the boy would probably have spent the rest of his life telling the story to people who would never believe him. But Jack wasn’t done.

Within a few weeks, Jack rescued another swimmer, this time with witnesses in attendance. And then another. And another. And so on. Over the course of the next decade, Jack was reported to have saved at least 27 from, presumably, the most dangerous river and docks in Wales.

For his efforts over the course of his lifetime, Jack was given a silver collar by Swansea council, the Bravest Dog of the Year Award, a silver cup from the Mayor of London, and his very own statue. That’s more accolades than your average Batman.

And he’s still recognized today—he was probably the inspiration for the nickname of Premier League football team Swansea FC, The Swansea Jacks!

~ END ~

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